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Yuki Natto / Fermented Soybeans [3PKT / BUNDLE]


Yuki Natto are fermented soybeans with very high nutrients; thus, they are often served as breakfast for most Japanese.


In each Yuki Natto packaging, it comes with a small packet of Tsuyu no Moto and mustard separately. Simply mix them together for extra taste. Some may even add extra Tsuyu no Moto or Shoyu with Dashi no Moto to give the extra salty and fragrance.


The best way to consume Yuki Natto is to top them on Rice (preferrably Sushi Rice) and garnish with some Spring Onions and Onsen Egg.


Yuki Natto are also often served as Gunkan Sushi or even served with Sashimi (Salmon or Tuna). 



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Yuki Natto - 3'S


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