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Soft Shell Crab [12PCS / 1KG / PKT]


Soft Shell Crabs are normally caught during the period when the crabs are moulting; thus their shells are soft and can be eaten when cooked. 


Soft Shell Crab Preparation Instruction:

1. Rinse the crab thoroughly to remove any excess sand or dirt.

2. (Optional) Press and squeeze out the green tomalley from the inner part of the crab.

3. Pat dry the Soft Shell Crabs

4. Coat the Soft Shell Crabs with Tempura Powder Flour  / Karaage Ko (or other desired flour) mixed with a pinch of Salt 

5. Heat up your Oil in pan with high heat

6. Deep-fry the Soft Shell Crabs for about 4 minutes on each side (or until when the flour turns golden brown color).

7. Serve your delicious Soft Shell Crab!

Soft Shell Crab - 12PCS / 1KG


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