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Yellowfin Tuna / Maguro [3~4KG / BLOCK]


This Yellowfin Tuna are freshly caught from Indonesia and imported to Singapore. They were handled with care, under the SFA (Singapore Food Agency) Approval, to removed all bones, skin, head and tail.


The Maguro(s) are carefully sliced into blocks for easy handling for restaurants. Each block of Maguro is about 3-4KG.


After thawing completely, these Maguro block can be sliced into Sashimi and consume immediately. Otherwise, you can top the slices of Sashimi on rice to make them into Sushi and Maki.


You can also try making Handmade Tuna Salad with just 2 ingredients: 

1. Yellowfin Tuna / Maguro

2. Kewpie Mayonnaise


Instructions on how to make Tuna Salad from stratch:

- Boil the Tuna in a pot until it is thoroughly cooked

- Remove Tuna from the water and drain them carefully

- Mash the Tuna up

- Gradually add the Kewpie Mayonnaise while mixing (add according to your desired taste)

- (Optional) Add in some chopped onions to enhance the flavor

- Handmade Tuna Salad is ready for serving!

Yellowfin Tuna / Maguro [3~4KG]

  • Sashimi-Graded Items

    - Do ensure that cleanliness of hands and all equipment that would be used to handle the product.

    - When repacking, do ensure to keep product sealed in an air-tight bag and place them in another air-tight container in the freezer to maintain the freshness.

    - To enjoy the best taste, allow the product to slow thaw by placing them in the chiller section and thaw completely.

    - They are only recommended to be consumed raw within 3 days upon delivering. Otherwise, only consume them after cooking.

    - Jutrade will not be responsible of any mishandling of product and any medical issues that would occur with regard to this product.

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