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[Mizkan] Yuzu Ponzu / Yuzu-Flavored Seasoned Soy Sauce  - 1.8 Litres / Bottle


Ponzu sauce is a classic Japanese condiment that can be found in many Japanese homes. Basically, it consists of mainly Soy Sauce, Rice Vinegar. Thus, it is a tart and tangy sauce.


As time goes by, many manufacturers starts to discover and adds in extra flavorings such as Katsuo or Bonito, mirin and even citrus to have it more fragrant and giving it a umami taste. 


However, this Yuzu Ponzu has already been well mixed with Yuzu, where it has a very fragrant and refreshing taste. 



Ponzu are normally served with Katsuo no Tataki (also known as Katsuo Sashimi). 

Otherwise, they are used as a dipping sauce for shabu-shabu meat, or even the dipping sauce for cold Zaru Soba, Cha Soba, Somen and Udon


They are also known as Tempura (dipping) sauce.

Yuzu Ponzu Seasoned Soy Sauce - 1.8L


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