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Yamasa - Shoyu [1.8L / Bottle]


This Yamasa soy sauce is a light soy sauce, it may be rich in flavour with a strong aroma. As Yamasa is focused on the traditional method of making soy sauce, this soy sauce is well fermentated and is free from all artificial flavourings. It is good to go with everything that needs soy sauce.


Try this: Shoyu Marinated Fried Chicken

  • Marinate your chicken with this shoyu for at least an hour (if possible, do a short 5 minute massage with shoyu to get the taste in).
  • Mix starch and flour with the marinated chicken and shoyu.
  • While heating up deep-fry oil to 180°C, lightly coat the chicken with the starch and flour mixture.
  •  Deep-fry the chicken for about 3-4 minutes, or until golden brown.

(Your may prepare some Kewpie Mayonnaise as a dipping sauce)

Yamasa Soy Sauce - 1.8L


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