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Frozen Smoked Duck - Breast Meat (Original Flavor) [200GM / PACKET]


This Smoked Duck is perfectly smoked giving it a very fragant smell and taste. With the layer of fats, it helps in retaining the moisture through the smoking process.


They are actually ready-to-eat products, so you may just simply heat them up and you can eat them.


You may cut them into small slices first before cooking or cook before cutting, it's entirely up to you!

You simply serve them within 10 minutes of the entire preparation process!


Cooking/Heating up Methods for Smoked Duck Breast:

- Steaming

- Pan Fry / Stir-fry


- Airfry / Oven Toast

- Microwave

- Deep-frying

Frozen Smoked Duck (Original) - 200GM(+/-)


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