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Marutomo - Dashi no Moto / Bonito Soup Stock / Bonito Powder [ 1KG / BOX ]


This Bonito Soup Stock Powder can be made into Dashi Stock in less than a minute - just by adding hot water to it. It is also known as Instant Dashi Stock.


It is a good substitute for anchovies stock and even other fish stock.


Recommended Usage of Dashi no Moto, with 1 teaspoon (about 5 grams) can make:

- 200ML of Noodle Soup 

- 350ML of Light Soup Stock

- 500ML of Miso Soup (with added White Miso Paste and Red Miso Paste)

* Do note that this is based on estimation, and taste differs according to individual

You may want to add more Dashi no Moto into your water mix if you prefer heavier taste.


If you would like to learn more about Dashi no Moto, you may go read up our blog post on Bonito Fish items by clicking HERE or:

Standard Bonito Soup Stock - 1KG


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