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This Mini Wasabi Sachets are fresh Neri Wasabi, where they are grated and being freeze; thus, it is kept frozen to retain the freshness. Wasabi are always an essential "seasoning" to our Sashimi and Sushi as they helps to bring out the taste of the raw fishes and seafood. Best of all, this is a halal certified Wasabi Sachets.

This Mini Wasabi Sachets has become one of the popular item due to COVID-19 restrictions on dining out.



Product Information:

- HALAL Certified

- Individual Packaging Net Weight: 2.5GM

- Product Origin: China

- Ingredients: Horseradish, Sorbitol (E420), Vegetable Oil, Water, Salt, Modified Starch, Mustard Extract, Citric Acid (E330), Turmeric Powder, Wasabi, Xanthan Gum (E415), FD&C Blue No.1 (E).

Mini Wasabi Sachets - 500’S (Halal)


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