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Somen [250G / PACKET]


Somen is also called as 寿面/素面 (Shou Mian/Su Mian) in Chinese, it is a well-liked noodles for Japanese and many Chinese.


From the word "So", Somen is known to be very thin noodles, with less than 1.3mm in diameter.

It is mainly made from Wheat Flour and water, and are naturally stretched into that thinness. 


Just like Soba, Somen are also served Cold on ice, together with Tsuyu no Moto or Tsuyu Kombu (if they have a stronger taste) as a dipping sauce. In which, many Singaporeans are in love with Somen due to the extremely hot weather we have here. 


Somen are also good when served hot in a tasty soup. Many of the locals also use Somen as a substitute for their vermicelli, especially Chinese who wants to have them during their lunar Birthday.

Somen - 250G


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