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Cha Soba [1kg / PACKET]


Cha Soba is known to be Green Tea Soba, where Green Tea powder was added into the Soba mix while kneading. Thus, this Cha Soba will have a hint of Green Tea taste, and is very smooth in texture.


Due to a large amount of buckwheat flour is used, Soba usually carries a hint of bitterness taste. Through many years of innovation, many new flavors were invented to cover or compromise the taste of the buckwheat flour - which the most successful flavor is CHA SOBA.


Despite adding the Green Tea powder into the Soba mix, it still has consist of the nutrients from the Soba.

It is great to go with Salad or even eating it plainly with some Tsuyu no Moto or Tsuyu Kombu (for a stronger taste). 



If you would like to know more about Soba, you may read up on our blog:

Cha Soba - 1kg


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