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Mongo Ika Slices / Sushi Squid Slices [20 Pieces / Packet]


This Squid Slices can be eaten directly after it has been defrozed. It has an very unique and sweet taste where squid and seafood lovers will love. 

You may want to slit the top of the Mongo Ika slices for better chewing, as it may be a little tough to bite through.


You can simply just prepare your Sushi Rice and top the Mongo Ika Slices on top.

Some may brush a little Sashimi Soy Sauce Shoyu on top of the Mongo Ika slices to give it some coloring (as it is a little too white - which will camoflauge with the Sushi Rice), and it also helps to give it a little more extra taste.



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Sushi Squid Slices - 20PCS