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Kikkoman Sashimi & Sushi Shoyu [1.6LTR / BOTTLE]


This particular Soy Sauce is not like your usual Soya Sauce used at home or Yamasa Shoyu. Instead, Kikkoman Sashimi & Sushi Shoyu is a specially blended and naturally brewed Soya Sauce for your Sushi, maki and Sashimi. It gives a rich full-bodied flavor to your seafood and fishes (whether cooked or raw). 


You can also try it on pouring it onto your steamed or baked fish, to enjoy the savoury taste.



To know more about what to get for making your Sashimi, Sushi or Maki, you may look up on our BLOG POST:

Kikkoman Sashimi & Sushi Soy Sauce - 1.6LTR


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