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Mikochan - Shiro Miso [850gm / Packet]


Mikochan gains its reputation by producing a salt reduced miso with lactic acid bacteria. It also has no food addictives added, which makes it a very healthy miso with a fragant salty taste. Mikochan miso is widely used by Japanese homes for making their miso soup. 

Cooking miso soup is as easy as 123, just boil the water with miso (add according to your taste) and put in some Naruto Maki, Cut Wakame, Nameko mushroom (depending on your liking as well). 

However, restaurants do add in Dashi no Moto and Hon Mirin into the miso soup to gives an more stronger and delightful taste. 



If you are interested to know more about Miso and how to identify them, you may want to read up on our BLOG POST ON MISO:

Mikochan White Miso Paste - 1KG


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