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Aburaage [3 Pieces / Packet]


This aburaage is a deep-fried beancurd pouch, commonly known as "Tau Pok" for Singaporeans. It comes in a big pieces, as Japanese loves to add in extra ingredients to their likings and cook them. Otherwise, Japanese loves cutting them into small strips and add them into their Miso Soup.


Try it: Beancurd Pouch Dumpling

  • Prepare your meat of choice (Pork / Chicken / Beef / Prawns) & mince them up.
  • Prepare the vegetables of your choice (Cabbage / Spring Onion / Mushroom) & chop them into small tiny pieces.
  • Mix the meat and vegetables well together.
  • Add some salt & pepper to the mixture for the seasoning.
  • After mixing everything well, fill up the Beancurd Pouches with the fillings.
  • "Sew" the beancurd pouches up with toothpicks, or if you like feel free to tie them up with Shirataki or Konnyaku (as they are pretty tasteless, which will not overtake the taste of your Beancurd Dumpling).
  • Add them into your dumpling soup, or simply just boil them and serve!

Beancurd Pouch - 3PCS


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