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Ita Kuro Konnyaku [250gm / Packet]


This Konnyaku has this black/brown colour is because it is made using yam and is infused with seaweed flavour. As it is almost zero calories and very high in fibre, it is extremely good for consumers who are on diet.  This Konnyaku comes in a block and has a chewy texture like jelly.

Try it: Making Konnyaku Ribbons for Steamboat

  • Slice the Konnyaku into pieces.
  • Make a slit cut through in the middle and form a "O" shape.
  • Twist the sides of the konnyaku slices into the hole in the middle & the konnyaku ribbon will be formed. 
  • Serve the konnyaku ribbons for steamboat like any other ingredients, just put it in to boil

* But remember not to boil for too long as it may melt in the pot due to it's jelly nature.

Konjac Konnyaku (Black) - 250gm


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