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Daiei - Chuka Kurage / Seasoned Jellyfish [1KG / PACKET]


Product is directly imported from Japan. It has the chewy texture that is calling out for all jellyfish lovers. Great to go with all kinds of salad, and even as appetizers or side dishes for your guests!


Try this: Japanese Style Yu Sheng (For Chinese New Year)

  • Buy the Yu Sheng pack from your supermarkets 
  • Prepare shredded carrots and radish
  • Prepare your Yu Sheng with our Chuka Kurage (Jellyfish), Chuka Wakame (Seaweed/Kelp), Chuka Hotate (Scallop Skirtings).
  • Mix, toss and shout your blessings on your Yu Sheng routine with your family and friends!

Seasoned Jellyfish - 1KG


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