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Yaki Nori "A" Grade [50 Sheets / Packet] - with resealable packaging


This Seaweed Sheets are roasted using fire; thus, the crispiness. They are vacuum packed and comes with resealable packaging, where you can zip it back to retain it's crispiness and freshness.



As you can see, our Yaki Nori is being graded "A+" quality. Which means that they are really thick and will not be broken apart easily, unless it is being tore. 

In short, it is really great to be used as the Seaweed for making Maki* and Sushi.


Many Ramen shops also used them to garnish the ramen, where the seaweed sheets will soak up some of the ramen soup and allow us to enjoy the seaweed taste with the soup.


Consumer who have kids should totally get this, you can keep your kid occupied as they enjoy the Yaki Nori. They not only healthy and low in calories, it's also piece of snack!


* If you would like to learn more about what the is difference between Sushi & Maki, you may visit our Blog Post:

Roasted Seaweed Sheets - 50PCS