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Hon Mirin [1.8L / Bottle]


Hon Mirin is actually known as Japanese Sweet Cooking Wine. It is very similar to Cooking Sake, except that it is more sweet with less alcohol content. Hon Mirin is also a must-have ingredient for almost all Japanese food.


Why is makes Mirin so special?

It's simply becausse mirin carrys a natural sweetness with a smooth alcohol taste. The natural sweetness comes from the fermentation of glutinuous rice and rice malt mixing in alcohol. Also, little did you know that Mirin can also remove the astringency of meat and fishes, by just "marinating" them in Mirin for at least 30 minutes.


Ever wondered why your miso soup is always missing something even though you have added the miso paste? Just simply add a small amount of Mirin, and let it do the magic for you!


In case you're thinking how long will it take to finish this whole 1.8litres of Mirin. Fear not, my customers that bought them for private use finishes it within 2 months by just cooking only 3-4 times a week. 


We also have the big tub of 20 Litres / Tub for restaurant of corporate uses. If you are interested, please contact us directly for the best price. Thanks.

Hon Mirin - 1.8L


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