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Dashi Konbu / Kombu [100gm / Packet]


Dashi Konbu is dried kelp that has tons of nutritional benefits. It is commonly used to make delectable soups and sauces, especially in Japan, like Udon soup or Soba sauce. It has a very rich sweet and umami taste with it.


Try it: Kelp Salad

  • Start by cleaning the Kombu thoroughly with damped tower (to remove the white particles).
  • Cut some slits at the side of the Kombu to ensure that the flavours comes out easier.
  • Soak the cleaned Kombu for 1-3 hours onwards (if you have sufficient time as the flavours comes out naturally while it is soaked), afterwhich bring the Kombu and water to boil.
  • Remove the Kombu right before the water starts to boil / bubbles starts to get aggresive.
  • Cut the Kombu into smaller pieces / bite size if you love the texture of it.
  • Marinate it with Wasabi & Yuzu Dressing or Wafu Goma Shoyu Dressing for about 15 minutes & it is ready to be served!


* Note: If you love the umami flavours, you can keep the boiled Kombu water in a container as it will come in handy for cooking Japanese delights. Udon soup can be simply cooked by adding Dashi no Moto - add according to your tasting and it'll be ready.

Japanese Dried Kelp - 100gm


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