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Kewpie - Wafu Goma Shoyu Dressing [1L / Bottle]


This Wafu Goma Shoyu Dressing is a superb combination of soy sauce and sesame sauce. It is a perfect complement to a numerous amount of Japanese food, and even to the extend of most Western and Asian food. As the word dressing is there, you should know that it is meant for salad. But no harm trying something new right?


Try it: Wafu Sauce Beef Slices

  • Prepare the amount of beef slices you want, sear them accordingly.
  • Drizzle a good amount of Wafu Goma Shoyu Dressing onto the beef slices, or serve the beef slices and the Wafu Goma Shoyu Dressing separately & dip accordingly.

Soy Sesame Japanese Dressing - 1L


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