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Reito Soba [5 Pieces / 230 Gram / Packet]


This Frozen Soba noodles are actually made of buckwheat flour. Soba is a traditional Japanese noodle dish and is now very popular around the world due to its nutritious value. It is also an easy dish, be it being served hot or cold.


Making Cold Soba (also known as Zaru Soba)' is as easy as 123 with us. Just get "Tsuyu no Moto / Seasoned Soy Sauce - 1.8L" from us; or if you like a stronger taste with kelp - you can get the item "Tsuyu Kombu / Seasoned Soy Sauce with Kelp - 1.8L" from us too. 

Simply boil water in a pot and add in couple of tablespoons of the seasoned soy sauce / tsuyu sauce (depending on your tastebud) to boil - which will give you the soba dipping sauce. 

Afterwhich, cool the sauce (you may add ice to it - but do note that ice will dilute the sauce so you may need to thicken your sauce during the boiling process).

In another pot, boil the soba noodles (I would recommend to cook the sauce and noodles in different pot as the noodles may have excess flour that may spoil the flavour of the sauce).

After boiling the noodles, cool the noodles (normally putting them into a iced cold water). 

Drain the noodles from the iced cold water, and serve it with your cooled and cold Soba sauce.


If you would like to know more about Soba, please check out our Blog Post on Soba:

Frozen Soba - 5PCS / 230G


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