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Sushi Ebi / Boiled Sushi Prawns [30 Pieces / Packet]


Ebi Sushi (Prawn Sushi) are well-liked by many, even for kids. You can buy your Sushi Ebi / Boiled Sushi Prawns and make your own Ebi Sushi at home. 


Sushi Ebi are already boiled and cooked, you can just simply prepare your sushi rice roll and top the Sushi Ebi on.

Sushi Ebi are also well used as an appetizer topping for the Salad. You can just add in Sushi Ebi to your salad at home.



To learn more about Sushi and Maki, you can visit our blog post by clicking HERE or:

Boiled Sushi Prawns - 30PCS


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