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Shiro Amazu Shoga Gari [1kg / Packet]


Older ginger tends to be used to make this White Pickled Ginger; thus, it of course would taste more spicier as compared to the Pink Pickled Ginger. However, Japanese restaurants are starting to pick up using the White Pickled Ginger, as there are very little or even none artificial food coloring added in. And in terms of the taste, it is equally sweet comparing to the Pink Pickled Ginger due to the sweet rice vinegar used during the pickling process.


Why would people still like eating ginger regardless of the spiciness?

Reason is simple: Because pickled ginger are sweet and tasty - of course!

But, the actual reason being is that pickled ginger helps to cleanse your palate. Thus, enabling you to have a actual original taste without being affected by your previous bite.

White Pickled Ginger - 1kg


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