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Wasabi Powder / Wasabi Ko [1KG / PACKET]


" Wasabi is a traditional Japanese spice commonly used in Sushi as well as Sashimi dishes. With its pungent taste and distinctive fragrance, wasabi has become popular throughout the world. Today, Wasabi is used in many other recipes such as dips, mashed potatoes, and much more... Why not create your own dishes using Wasabi or add a bit pizzazz to existing recipes. Wagaya Wasabi Powder is the must-have spice in your pantry! "


Directions for Wasabi Powder to Wasabi paste: 

Dissolve Wasabi in water at a ratio 1:2 and mix, wait for 2 to 3 minutes before serving. Please take the amount needed each time and consume it all. Seal properly after open and keep in a cool place. 

Wasabi Powder - 1KG


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