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Nippon Shokken - Teriyaki Sauce [2L / Bottle]


This Teriyaki Sauce is very thick and has a very aromatic sweet with a hint of salty taste, easily making itself as one of the most popular teriyaki sauce in the market. Crazily good to go with meat and fish if you prefer the sweeter version instead of going for the Eel sauce that is the saltier version.


Try it: Teriyaki Chicken Skewer / Yakitori

  • Prepare some boneless chicken (any part of the chicken according to your liking), scallions / mushroom / asparagus (optional) as well as stewer sticks.
  • Cut the chicken into bite size, and marinate them in the teriyaki sauce for a good 15 minutes (or longer if you prefer a heavier taste).
  • Meanwhile, preheat your oven and have your vegetable sliced into bite sizes as well (if any).
  • After the marinating is done, thread the chicken through the skewer stick, followed by your choice of vegetable, repeat the process for about 3-4 pieces of chicken. (ensure that the both ends are chicken so as to secure the vegetables in between).
  • Bring your skewers to grill or broil for about 10 minutes (or until it is cooked). 
  • Glaze or brush the chicken skewers with a generous amount of Teriyaki Sauce before serving - I doubt anyone will complain about having too much sauce right?

Teriyaki Sauce - 2L


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