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Yude Atsuki / Yude Azuki [400GM/ Can]


This Yude Azuki is being processed and sweetened, it is almost ready to eat. It is a perfect side dish for ice cream, especially Japanese ice creams (Yuzu, Matcha or Black Sesame - which can be bought from us).


Try it: Red Bean Soup with Mochi

  • Get your Mochi ready & defrost first.
  • Pour this Yude Azuki into a microwave-friendly bowl and add some hot water (add the water according to the thickness of the soup you desire) & stir well.
  • Add some Mochi into the Red Bean soup & put into the microwave for a good 30 seconds.
  • After which, the Red Bean soup with Mochi is ready to be served!

Sweetened Red Bean - 400GM


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