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Ito Kezuri [20G/PKT]


The shredded Dried Bonito Flakes are the exact same thing is the Katsuo Boshi, except that it is thinner in width.

Ito Kezuri are mainly used as garnishing as it has a more "elegant" look. 

They are usually topped on Okonomiyaki (Japanese Egg Pancakes) or Takoyaki (Japanese Octopus Ball).


Ito Kezuri are also added into the seasoning sauces at times, to allow people to "slurp" the Ito Kezuri and enjoy the taste of the sauce.



If you would like to learn more about Ito Kezuri, you may go check out our blog post for Katsuo for more information on it.

Shredded Dried Bonito Flakes - 20G


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