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Takuan [500 Grams / Packet]


This pickled radish has a very flavourful taste - having a good mix of sweetness from the radish and sour taste from the fermentation process. Due to the sour taste, it is usually being served as an appetiser. The pretty golden yellow colour is created through fermentating the radish over a few months. 


Try it: Spicy Radish

  • Slice the radish into desired size.
  • Chop up some chilli (chilli padi if you prefer a real spicy taste).
  • Get ready some pre-made chilli sauce, or even make your own chilli sauce.
  • Mix the chilli, chilli sauce and radish in a container well & perserve them in a container for at least half of the day.
  • Afterwhich, you can serve the spicy radish.

(You may keep them in air-tight container refrigerated for up to a week)

Pickled Radish - 500gm


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