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Ohba Leaves [100 Pieces / Box]


Ohba leaf, also known as Perilla leaf in English, belongs to the mint leaf family. In fact, it is much more minty as compared to the normal mint leaf we have outside.


They are often served like a garnish with the Sashimi. However, many Japanese loved to have them with sashimi, where they wrap the sashimi using the leaf and dip it with soya sauce. Yums.



Try it: Stir-fried Vegetable with Ohba

  • Minced 1-2 cloves of garlic
  • Prepare the type of vegetable you would like to eat (recommended: spinach / water spinach / sweet potato leaves)
  • Add some cooking oil to pan, start stir-frying the garlic until it's golden brown.
  • Add in the ohba leaves and fry for a little, and lastly, add in your vegetable.

Perilla Leaves / Ohba Leaves - 100'S


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