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Osaki Kani Stick [500G / 30 STICKS / PACKET]


Osaki Kani Stick is an imitation crab meat stick. However, unlike the normal Crab Sticks that are found in supermarkets which are mainly made from flour only; Osaki Kani Stick is mainly made with Cod Fish Meat.


If you ever had a taste of the Osaki Kani Stick, you will probably not have other imitation crab meat sticks ever again. *Just Saying*


Osaki Kani Stick can be eaten immediately after it has been thawed, there is no need to cook it before having it.

But of course, if you would prefer to be on the safer side, you can go ahead and cook it (steam or boil). 

Still, it wouldn't be recommend as the sweetness and juices from the Kani Stick will be lost through the cooking process.


The best combination for Osaki Kani Stick is to dip it in Kewpie Mayonnaise. You can enjoy the sweetness from both of the Kani Stick and Mayonnaise. 


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Osaki Crab Stick - 500G / 30PCS