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Mentaiko Paste / Mentai Ko Chubu [500G / Tube]


Mentaiko are actually Cod Fish Roe. The Roes are even smaller than Tobikko.


Mentaiko alone has a fragrant and slight sweetness, however there is a hint of fishy taste. Thus, it is usually mixed with Kewpie Mayonnaise.


With the mix with Kewpie Mayonnaise, almost any Mentaiko dish will never go wrong. The Kewpie Mayonnaise can not only help to cover up the fishy taste, it also adds a sour and umami taste to the Mentaiko. 

Mentaiko is widely popular amongst many youngsters. Restaurant chefs love to create and put up dishes that has Mentaiko, as it is almost everyone's favourite.


Mentaiko is not only great for Japanese cuisine, they are also popular even in the Western and Chinese cuisine.


They are great as:

  • Mentaiko Pasta 
  • Mentaiko Sauce on French Fries
  • Mentaiko Sushi or Maki Roll
  • Grilled Salmon (or other fish) with Mentaiko Sauce
  • Grilled Prawn/Scallop (or even Lobster) with Mentaiko Sauce
  • Plain Mentaiko on Rice
  • Mentaiko Rice Ball / Onigiri

Mentaiko Paste - 500G


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