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Yaki Tamago [500G / PACKET]


Yaki Tamago is known to be Japanese Egg Omelette, and also Egg Sushi to some. It is a very popular dish amongst all the Sushi and Maki dishes. 


Yaki Tamago are also a favourite of almost all children. Adults would easily order a Yaki Tamago dish in a restaurant to keep the keeps full and going. 

As it mainly consist of Eggs, it is contains lots of proteins too.


This pack of Tamago Yaki is already nicely flavored and cooked, you can consume it cold as well. If you would love your hot Tamago, you can just pop them into the microwave to heat them up.


However, do note that this Yaki Tamago may be a little sweet, but still bearable for those without sweet-tooth.



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Japanese Egg Omelette / Yaki Tamago - 500G


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