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Nippon Shokken - Unagi Sauce [2L / Bottle]


This is a pretty thick sauce that is extremely good to go with Japanese Eel (Unagi). There are other uses like dipping sauce for sushi, it brings a salty yet very fragant taste out from there.


Try it: Grilled Fish with Eel Sauce

  • Preheat your oven to 170°C and prepare your fish of your liking (recommend Unagi or Saba/Mackerel) in the aluminium foil
  • Simply just drizzle or brush a thin layer of this eel sauce on the raw fish and cover up the fish with the aluminium foil.
  • Bring fish into oven to grill for about 10-25 minutes (or even more depending on the fish thickness / size / quantity) until cooked.
  • You may want heat up a small bowl of this Eel Sauce in your microwave if you love to dip in lots of sauce.

Eel Sauce - 2L


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