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Edamame [500G / PKT]


Edamame are soy beans which were harvested before they are matured. 

It is a very healthy snack with low calories. Many buy them to snack on instead of having popcorns while watching a movie. Best part is: Edamame is really easy to cook as well.


How to cook Edamame?

- Simply boil a pot of salted water

- Add in your desired amount of Edamame and continue boiling for about 5 minutes (or whenever you think it's ready)

- Drain off the water

- Sprinkle a good amount of salt and mix well.


(Salt will not only bring out the taste of the Edamame, it also helps to kill bacterias while you bite on the skin of the Edamame).

Edamame (With Skin) - 500G


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