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Katsuo Boshi / Katsuobushi [500G/PKT]


Katsuo Boshi are Dried Bonito Flakes, where they are shredded from the Dried Bonito Fish.

It contains a very umami flavoring in every of the thin sheet.

It is an essential food for most Japanese dishes, as it is used to cook the Dashi broth or stock.


Katsuo Boshi is also known as Dancing Bonito Flakes, as it would start wiggling like it's dancing when it is placed on top of a hot dish.

They are often found on top of Okonomiyaki (Japanese Egg Pancakes) and Takoyaki (Japanese Octopus Ball) as a garnish and an dish to brings out the umami flavor too.



You may read on our blog post for Katsuo for more information on it.

Dried Bonito Flakes - 500G


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