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Botan Ebi (Jumbo Size) [1kg / Box]


This Botan Ebi are one of the juiciest prawns that you could ever have. It's directly imported from Japan, therefore it is a sashimi-graded prawn.


However, the head of the prawns are not advisable to be consumed raw; thus, the best way to enjoy the head of the prawns is to deep fry it. How?

Have the prawn head washed casually > coat it with flour or starch > fry them between 165-190°C for about 1-2 minutes. Taste the crips in your mouth.

Botan Prawns (Jumbo) - 1kg

  • Raw Food Handling

    By purchasing the mentioned product, it would mean that you have read the following pointers. As you know, sashimi-graded raw food are prone to stomach illness (or maybe worse - body illness), so please read the following pointers carefully while preparing your food.

    Please note that Jutrade Pte. Ltd. will NOT be liable if you were to encounter with any illness with regard to consuming the purchased raw food WITHOUT following the handling procedures carefully.


    1. Please ensure that any purchased sashimi-graded raw items are to be stored at the temperature of -18°C & consumed within 5 days once product is opened (unless otherwise stated).

    2. For thawing process, please ensure that you do not leave the product in open air (or exposed to air) as it will attract all types of bacteria. Best to cover the product well, best if it's sealed up where bacteria cannot reach your product.

    3. Please make sure that you wash your hands, cutting materials (chopping board and knife) and serving plates properly washed with soap and dried with clean towel (or tissue) right before you handle the raw products.

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