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How to Use Dashi no Moto?

What is Dashi no Moto?

Dashi no Moto Bonito Fish Powder Supplier Seller in Singapore
Jikabiyaki Dashi no Moto

Dashi no Moto (だしの素) is also referred to Bonito Fish Powder.

It also comes in many names like:

- Dashi Stock

- Dashi Powder

- Instant Dashi Stock / Powder - Bonito (Fish) Powder

- Bonito (Fish) Soup Stock

- Instant Bonito (Fish) Stock / Powder

Dashi no Moto comes in small bits, almost powder form and they are easily dissolvable in water. Thus, they are also known as Instant Dashi Stock as they turn into the Dashi Soup Stock within seconds when you mix the powder into hot water.

If you are keen to learn more on the process of how Bonito Fish is processed and made into different forms of Japanese products, you may visit our next blog post on "What is Bonito?" for more information.

What dishes can I cook with Dashi no Moto?

As many of us are unfamiliar with Dashi Powder, we always wonder what we can cook using the Dashi Soup Stock.

There are numerous of Japanese dishes that requires the use of Dashi no Moto.

As such, Dashi no Moto is one of the must-have condiment in all Japanese home. It is very handy when it comes to cooking Japanese dishes at home.

Not only it is good for doing Japanese food, it is also awesome for cooking Korean dishes.

1. Soba or Udon Soup

The main ingredient for the Soba or Udon soup is Dashi no Moto.

With a good mix of Mirin (Japanese Sweet Cooking Wine), Cooking Sake and Shoyu (Soy Sauce), it can make the soup so tasty and easy to make within 10 minutes.

If you are keen on this easy recipe, you may go learn it at our blog post on "Below 10 minutes - Soba Noodles in Soup Recipe"

2. Miso Soup

Miso Soup does not just stop at just adding Miso to the water and boil. A little touch of Dashi no Moto can make the Miso Soup even more flavorful and you may even get addicted to it.

3. Oyako Don, Katsu Don

Oyako Don and Chicken or Pork Katsu Don are popular comfort food for many in Japan.

Oyakodon refers to "parent and child", where it is a rice bowl dish that consist of chicken and egg.

The broth for both Oyakodon and Katsu Don has a balanced mixture of soy sauce and sugar as well as Dashi no Moto which gives it a sweet, salty and unami taste.

4. Tamago Yaki

Though the main ingredients for Yaki Tamago are Eggs, Sugar and Mirin; but Dashi no Moto plays an important part in Yaki Tamago to make it more savoury and tastier.

5. Ajitsuke Tamago

Ajitsuke Tamago is actually famously known as the Ramen Egg with the runny egg yolk.

Dashi no Moto is also one of the main ingredient for marinating the Ramen Egg to make it savoury and tasty.

6. Chawanmushi / Steamed Egg Custard

The famous Japanese Steamed Egg or Egg Custard, is also known as Chawanmushi.

It has always been a comfort food for all kids and even adults.

These are the main 7 Japanese food that uses Dashi no Moto as the main seasoning condiment and ingredient. There are of course other dishes that requires Dashi no Moto; such as Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake Omelette) and many other dishes to be explored.


Can I use Dashi no Moto to cook Korean dishes?

Japanese Dashi Stock Powder to make Korean Army Stew
Korean Army Stew

The answer is YES!

Many of the people would also ask me what other dishes apart from Japanese cuisine is Dashi no Moto suitable for.

The best answer is KOREAN DISHES.

Dashi no Moto is the best substitute for anchovies that are required in Korean Dishes. They are also great as a flavoring seasoning.

Instead of boiling the anchovies from stratch to develop the unami taste, you can just simply add in a small spoonful of Dashi no Moto to give the exact taste (and it may taste even better).

Korean Dishes that can use Dashi no Moto:

- Korean Army Stew

- Tteok-bokki / Tteobokki (Korean Rice Cake Stew)

- Kimchi Stew


Jutrade's Army Stew Recipe using Japanese Dashi no Moto

Total Cooking Time:

45 minutes

Ingredients Needed:

For Stew/Sauce:

- 1 whole Yellow Onion

- 2 Tbsp of Gochujang (Korean Red Pepper Paste)

- 2 Tbsp of Red Pepper Powder*

- 1 Tbsp of Dashi no Moto

- 3 Cloves of Garlic / 1 Tbsp of Minced Garlic

- 1 cup of water*

- 1 tsp of Goma Oil / Sesame Oil*

* Add according to your preferred taste

Recommended Hotpot Ingredients:

(Totally optional & up to own preference)

- Napa Cabbage

- Chinese Tofu

- Bacon / Pork Belly Slices

- Spam / Luncheon Meat

- Sausage / Hotdogs

- Shiitake Mushroom / Enoki Mushroom

- Baked Beans

- Green Onions

- Naruto Maki / Korean Fish Cake

- Tteok-bokki (Korean Rice Cake)*

- Shin Ramyun

Please add according to the number of servings.

Cooking Directions:

Step 1:

Sliced the Yellow Onions into thinly and mince garlic finely.

Step 2:

In a mixing bowl, add in all other Stew/Sauce ingredients (except Garlic) and mix well.

Step 3:

In a pot, Stir-fry the sliced Yellow Onions until soft, add in the mixed Stew ingredients into the pan.

Step 4:

Let the stew boil.

Step 5:

In a mild-shallow pan, place all Hotpot ingredients (except Shin Ramyun if any) neatly.

Step 6:

Add in the boiled Stew into the mild-shallow pan and let boil.

Step 7:

Once the Army Stew starts boiling, add in GARLIC and Shin Ramyun noodles.

*Garlic to be added last so as to bring out the flavor of the garlic and other ingredients better

Step 8:



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