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Welcome to JUTRADE

Hi everyone, my name is Ziqi, director of Jutrade Pte Ltd. I have a great passion in cooking, especially exploring new dishes to cook in my own simple kitchen. I will be sharing with you guys those recipe that I'll be using to cook my simple dishes at home; of course, using some of my company's own products.

Japanese Cuisine is hard

If you ever think that cooking Japanese cuisine is hard, and it's easier to just eat out if you are craving for them - you are totally wrong. Japanese cuisine is not only expensive out there, they are also not easy to find - which also makes it the reason why it is sold at a more premium price. I personally cook simple Japanese dishes at home alone, like Oyako don, Yakiniku Don, Sukiyaki & many more; using the products from Jutrade. Jutrade does not only sell better quality products, it is also sold at an reasonable price as we are also a supplier for restaurants out there.

Anyway, please stay tune on our website for our new blogs on new recipes using our products.

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